Today I went into a primary school, running workshops around mental health and using songwriting as a tool to deal with and express your mental health. I shared my story about overcoming anxiety. I'm passionate about young people, and them knowing that they can use their voice to have a positive impact within their spheres.


Today I used my Spanish to help a friend understand a letter from their child's school, and to help a customer place an order in the Corner Coffee House. I am passionate about enabling people to communicate confidently and to feel part of the community.


Today I spent some time with God, and then took my children to school. Afterwards, I went to my cleaning job, which is not just about earning money; it is a privilege to help people. Throughout the work, I found God gave me peace and joy.


Today I took children's toys and equipment to Castle Point at 8am, opened the building and mowed and irrigated the lawn to keep it in good condition during the hot, dry weather. I am passionate about using all my practical skills in serving and to maintain the buildings and grounds of Lifeline in the best condition that can be achieved.


Today I helped my friend by giving him a spare mobile phone as his had stopped working. I`m passionate about helping people in their needs, giving others a hand to build something, fix the computer or do the gardening. God reminded me not to forget about friends while very busy at work and with my family.


Today I was reminded at prayer group of lines from the song "Reckless Love". I prayed that God would "kick down walls" and "tear down lies" regarding a particular circumstance in someone's life. I am passionate about praying to a powerful God who can change anything with just one word.


Today I woke up weary and did not feel like doing any work, but I pressed on and tackled tasks which I had previously said I wouldn't do because I wasn't good at them. I overcame the fear and mindset issue and in the end completed the tasks well. I am passionate about finishing the works in our new house before we move to minimise disruption to my family and to provide for their needs.


Today I looked after our son - changed nappies, fed, clothed and prayed for him. I am currently on maternity leave from my job as a GP, and I'm passionate about raising and nurturing our son to be who God intends him to be.


Today I encouraged my friend by letting him have my part in the play, as he was gutted he hadn’t auditioned.


I spent today with a member of my team who is sick following an accident at work. I felt that it was important that this member of staff knew that I was concerned about them and their welfare. This is because I am passionate about serving and helping people.


Today, with the help of Community Resources, I launched a Crowd Funding campaign to raise money to redevelop my local park. I am passionate about my community having a park they feel proud of and will enjoy visiting.


Today I played tennis at lunchtime to prepare for my tennis tournament and I worked hard in school to improve my learning. I love tennis and learning!


Today I visited my friend at his house and trained with my friends on my school football team. Friendship and football are important to me.


Today I went to orchestra and picked up a letter about going to Wimbledon. This was good because I like music and tennis.


Today I marked test papers, took my son to drum practice, cooked dinner for my family and watched football with all my boys. All this because I really care about my home and family and have a heart to help children achieve their God-given potential.


I am passionate about education and my family. Today I helped teams to to create a values based culture that will help disadvantaged youngsters excel in my school. In all this, I actively seek to spend time with God.